The Wormhole network is a series of interconnected gates spread throughout the entire universe. These wormholes lead to different points in space and time and they are powered by fusion.



It is not known who built these wormholes or why they were created but some speculate that followers of the Architect created them to pay tribute to their lord.

Known WormholesEdit

  • Luna Wormhole - Discovered in 2016, the Luna wormhole was an inactive wormhole located on the surface of Luna. It leads to the Sol system more than 250 years into the future.
  • Charon Wormhole - The Charon wormhole was discovered in the 2050s in orbit of Charon. It links to an unknown star system 5,000 lightyears away.
  • Alpha Centauri Wormhole - The Alpha Centauri wormhole links to a brown dwarf approximately 4 lightyears away from Albacin III.
  • Albacin III-Jin Wormhole - The Albacin and Faran systems are linked to one another through wormholes orbiting the terrestrial planet Albacin III and the gas giant Jin.
  • Siynov-Earth Wormhole - The planet Siynov, home of the hostile race; the Sarquil, has a wormhole linking to Earth although Earth does not have one leading back to the planet.