Walther PP
[[Walther PP
Gold Walther PP|250px]]
  • Standard Walther PP (Above)
  • Dankbar Untoten's Walther PP (Below)
  • Origins
    Species of Origin Humans
  • Walther Arms
  • Fascirian Empire
  • Planet of Origin
  • Earth
  • Aryanus Prime
  • Technical Readout
    Type Weapon Semi-Automatic Pistol
    Ammunition Type
  • .25 ACP
  • .32 ACP
  • .380 ACP
  • .22 LR
  • 9x18mm Ultra
  • Magazine Capacity
  • 10+1 (.22 LR)
  • 8+1 (.32 ACP)
  • 7+1 (.380 ACP)
  • 8+1 (.22 LR)
  • 7+1 (.32 ACP)
  • 6+1 (.380 ACP)
  • Service Record
    Introduction Date 1929
    Conflicts Used World War 2
    Service Length
  • 1929-1992 (Humans)
  • 1945-Present (Fascirians)
  • Faction Utilization
    Factions Utilized
  • Fascirian Empire
  • Nazi, Germany
  • The Walther PP (PolizenPistole or Police Pistol) is a semi-automatic pistol that was designed by the Humans on the planet Earth.


    The Walther PP was issued back in 1929; but it's later variant, the PPK was issued back in 1931. It was issued to many different branches of law enforcement and military in Europe; but also saw service within the many branches of the Nazi Regime of World War 2. Nazi political leaders such as Adolf Hitler carried a Walther PPK; which he used to commit suicide on April 30, 1945.

    Post-World War 2

    After World War 2; the Walther PP and PPK manufacturing in Germany ceased, but they gave the French the liscense to manufacture the weapon. They eventually gained back the rights to make the weapon and newer models of the weapon were introduced.

    24th Century

    Since it's introduction; the Walther PP and it's variants remained a popular sidearm for many civilians throughout the galaxy. It also was still one of the major sidearms of the Fascirians; including Dankbar Untoten, who carries a gold Walther PP and or PPK.