Species of Origin Vrilians
Point of Origin Vril Dimension
Type Resource Energy Source
  • Ammunition
  • Power Source
  • Vril is known to be the sole energy source of a dimension known to all as the "Vril Dimension". It is known to be a very powerful resource and energy and a lethal substance to several species.


    Vril wasn't discovered until the 23rd century when it's masters; a race of beings known as the Vrilians were discovered. These beings showed the energy of Vril via the use of it in their everyday life and even showed beings how to make them into high-tech weapons.

    It was eventually discovered that the substance was devastating to beings such a Terranovians and even the supernatural Onkians. The first Terranovian to ever be hit by this energy was Archer C. Carter and he actually survived it. The Onkians were said to have been hit with it via the power of Vrilress; who discovered during the Defense of Terranovia.

    Present DayEdit

    Since it's discovery; Vril has been used by both the Vrilians and now other beings as an alternative fuel source to power the machines of other beings. It has also been used as ammunition for high tech energy weapons made by other species as well.

    During the Terranovian Civil War; the Terranovian Resistance actually formulated a poison out of water zapped with Vril radiation and as a result, caused many members of the Terranovian Armed Forces under Chandra Kuasa to either die or remain hospitalized.