Universal Super Squad
[[U.S.S Logo|250px]]
Status Active
Species Various
  • Legacy
  • I.A.F
  • Terranovian Empire
  • Hybrid Empire
  • Enemies
  • Militia
  • Fascirians
  • Languages Various
    The Universal Super Squad (U.S.S) is a large faction composed of superheroes; determined to defend the universe from evil.


    The U.S.S started after Eve Carter realized that a team of highly trained superheroes was increasingly needed in order to keep order and justice throughout the universe; no matter how far it was within the universe. The team was created during the year 2373 and first started during the Parton Martian Invasion.

    Present DayEdit

    Since it's conception; The U.S.S has continued to protect people and stop criminals, no matter how big or small.

    Amazon SquadEdit

    The Amazon Squad is a nickname given to the first platoon which is composed of women.

    Mesomorph SquadEdit

    Due to the fact this platoon is composed of strong characters; this platoon earned the nickname, the Mesomorph Squad.