The Plague (alt: Dr. Plague, Doc, Plague) is the alter-ego of Jaque Ravenstock and a member of L'Alingment Euforique. Noted for his ability to control small animals and even sub-microscopic organisms, his asocial behaviour and ability to cause and control deadly diseases, he holds a high place on the IAF's Most Wanted list.


Standing at six foot five inches, the doctor is a towering, slender man with ample musculature. His outfit and mannerisms are based of the "medico della peste" (itl: Plague Doctor), with an ankle-lenght black overcoat; dark denim jeans, covered from the knees to the ankles by whight cullotes; black leather, upwards-pointing shoes; a tweed undercoat and a whight shirt complementing a whight, porcelean, raven-like facemask, black-tinted goggles and a brimmed hat atop a black, leather hood.

He also has a cane concealed in his coat that doubles as a short sword, nunchucks and also has a whip concealed in each component. He will sometimes use this as a walking cane, though he does not need it in order to walk.