Terranovian Empire
[[Terranovian Empire|250px]]
  • Democratic Republic (Formerly)
  • Totalitarian (Formerly)
  • Independent Monarchy
  • Status Thriving
    Species Terranovian
  • I.A.F
  • Hybrid Empire
  • Enemies Militia
    The Terranovian Empire is a government faction of the planet Terranovia. It is responsible for the many political and ideological aspects of Terranovian society.


    The Terranovian Empire didn't begin until the 23rd century; when the indigenous Humans on the planet Terranovia became genetically augmented by law. It was then decided that because their people lacked a government; so they eventually created a government based off of a democratic republic.

    Democratic RepublicEdit

    The first government to be established was that of a Democratic Republic that provided for the people. It was under the rule of a chancellor which recieved an election every 8 years or if the chancellor died of natural causes. The people relied so much on the government that it immediately was beginning to collapse in on itself; leading into a depression.

    Life for the people went from bad to worse and as a result; people were then taxed into poverty. The economics became so bad that almost all but the most important people were laid off; which even resulted in the starvation of many Terranovian people. It wasn't until the overthrowing of the government came into play; which was led by Chandra Kuasa. Once the primary government was overthrown; Kuasa utilized propaganda to get the people to vote for him; promising them change in the time of the depression. He succeeded in getting into office; as the king of the empire.

    The Totalitarian ReignEdit

    After Chandra was voted into office; he rid the system of elections and voting; as well as made life easier for the rich and powerful. He left the others to starve; believing that they were not citizens and that they were a disease. Despite everything though; protest was big among the poor and that meant prosecution by the government.

    Rise of the Terranovian ResistanceEdit

    The protest continued and people, even the parents of Aissa Nova were executed; however Aissa went on and created a faction against the empire. The faction was known to all as the Terranovian Resistance; however even after it's creation, the resistance had problems just fighting the Terranovian Armed Forces and therefore left them in a quarrel of strategy.

    Arrival of HopeEdit

    Upon visiting his home; Archer C. Carter was taken in and questioned by Kuasa, who charged him with being a spy. Despite being charged; Archer managed to escape and went into hiding, which eventually led him to work with the Terranovian Resistance. He trained the resistance to be better killers and as a result; led the campaign known as the Terranovian Civil War.

    The Independent MonarchyEdit

    After overthrowing the totalitarian monarchy of the Terranovian Empire; Archer and Aissa became the new leaders of the new independent monarchy. This monarchy made life for the people under poverty better and also released the people falsely accused of crimes. The government also enabled an alliance between the I.A.F and even the Hybrid Empire.