Full Name Roh of the Sciences
Status alive
Species Avatar
Gender male
Age Unknown
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Color cyan
Hair Color blue
Alignment Neutral good
Societal standing
Citizenship citizen
Affiliation Avatar Theocracy
Occupation Scientist
Marital Status Married
Relatives Durana (brother), Savien Wesiford (son), Lurra Wesiford (wife)

Roh is an Avatar who works as a scientist, often experimenting with both human psychology and physiology. He has a brother Durana who joined the Hundred Moon Clan.


Working with the quantum physicist Ashley Raminti, Roh is known for his experiments with humans and Avatars. He combined DNA from his wife Lurra Wesiford with his own to create Savien Wesiford, an Avatar-human hybrid.


Roh takes the shape of a blue, transparent humanoid wearing a trenchcoat. His eyes glow a bright orange.


Roh is deeply spiritual as well as inquisitive. However, he is disliked by the Church of the Avatar Theocracy because his discoveries are beginning to challenge the beliefs of the Avatar doctrine. Unlike his brother who directly committed heresy, Roh is unwilling to break the law in order to maintain a normal life for his son.


Roh has all the natural abilities any Avatar would have. He is non-physical and immortal, but he is vulnerable to powerful electromagnetic waves which can disrupt the particles which hold his consciousness together.