Full Name Reaper
Date of birth Unknown
Species Avatar
Gender Male
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Color Red
Hair Color N/A
Alignment None (self-proclaimed), Chaotic Neutral (IAF designation)
Societal standing
Citizenship Avatar
Affiliation None
Occupation Assassin
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
"Humans are very amusing to watch. But when things start to get stagnant, that's where I come in."

Reaper is a rogue Avatar affiliated with an unnamed group of assassins that smuggled themselves out of Salvation ever since it was closed down after the death of Durana.


After Salvation was closed, a few Avatars found a way to still project themselves into the physical world. Reaper still sought to meddle with human affairs just for his own amusement. He begun tracking down powerful superhumans, assassinating them to either stir or resolve conflict as he pleased.


Avatars have no default appearance, but he prefers to take on the form of that of a tall, thin elderly man in a black tuxedo.


Reaper's personality is a total enigma. His behavior is very difficult to predict, and many immediately say that he should never be trusted. Being an Avatar, his sense of morality is utterly alien to humans as he refers to himself as neither good, evil, orderly nor chaotic. He professes that he has an agenda, and that assassinating powerful superhumans, no matter what side they're on, is just a hobby to keep things interesting. He helps others to advance his own cause, and he feels no remorse for betraying them should he ever need to.


Quantum SwordEdit

Reaper uses a single weapon to perform his assassinations - the Quantum Sword. The Quantum Sword is reputed as being able to kill virtually anything because it cuts through the fabric of reality. As a result, Reaper can kill even invulnerable superhumans with a single strike.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Reaper can teleport himself anywhere in the universe as he is a non-physical being.


Reaper can take any form he wishes so long as the object has enough particles to Avatar cells.


Like any Avatar, Reaper has the capacity to make calculations as quickly as a supercomputer making him incredibly intelligent. He is sly and cunning as well as an excellent liar.


Like all Avatars, Reaper is immortal and cannot die through natural causes.

Energy conservationEdit

Reaper derives energy from Salvation, but he can also feed off of ambient radiation in space. As a result, he never has to eat or sleep.



Reaper is susceptible to intense waves of electromagnetism which can break apart the bonds that hold his cells together. As a result, if one knows how, Reaper can be warded to prevent him from getting close.