Peter Rhode
Teen Acelarar 2
Teen Acelarar II
Full Name Peter Timothy Rhode
Date of birth May 30, 2074
Aliases Pete, Petey
Status Alive
Species Superhuman
Gender Male
Height 5'7
Weight 185 lbs
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Alignment Good
Societal standing
Citizenship American
Affiliation Acelarar Family
Occupation Noah Salsworth High School student, Vigilante
Marital Status Single
  • Timothy Rhode (grandfather, deceased)
  • Donna Rhode (grandmother, deceased)
  • Burt J. Rhode (father)
  • Janice Elwold (mother)
  • Emily Rhode (twin sister)
  • Duncan Rhode (descendant)
  • "Me and my sis- -err, partner are Speeders, maybe even the fastest"
    ―Peter Rhode

    Peter Rhode is the son of the two vigilantes, Burt J. Rhode and Janice Elwold, as well as the twin brother of Emily Rhode. He, like his father and sister, contain the Speed Molecules allowing him to run at superspeeds, although he has not learned to walk yet. Burt and Miles believe that Peter and his sister have surpassed their father and maybe even Miles himself, the fastest being in the galaxy.


    Early LifeEdit

    Peter Rhode




    Powers and AbilitiesEdit

    Like Miles Salsworth, Peter was born with Speed Molecules thus making him connected to all known speed in the universe, he also has an instinct to run and his parents believe when Peter and his sister learn to walk they'll start running before they can even walk.

    • Superhuman Speed - Speeders have one main ability above all else. Speeders are connected to the barrier and accumulation of all Speed known in the universe. These characters immediately understand how to run at superhuman speeds and their bodies instinctively understand how to react at high-speed situations. In their prime can they travel at much faster speeds such as the max level of recorded aided speed on Earth and even reach the speed of light with enough willpower. It is possible for Speeders to travel much faster than the speed of light however such levels require an incredible amount of stress. Speeders unaccustomed to their max level of speeds may destroy all their Speed Molecules and cease to exist.
    • Accelerated Healing - Speeders are not invulnerable nor durable enough to sustain damage however if they are harmed they will heal at high speeds. Any normal wear and tear damage to their bodies are almost instantly healed.
    • Electrokinesis - Speeders have the ability to produce electricity, but they can only do this when running. When they run at a fast enough pace bolts of electricity start to release from their body.
    • Phasing - Speeders can vibrate their molecules so quickly that they can achieve intangibility for short bursts allowing them to phase through objects.
    • Infinite Mass Punch - Speeders have an increased level of strength added to their bodies which they can impart in different ways. Certain Speeders can strength each and every move they make however this requires attention and stress for each movement and therefore is almost never used. In most cases conduits can focus energies into one massive punch; when used in practiced this punch pushed a Terranovian from one continent to another.
    • Decelerated Aging - Burt has passed on his unique ability of slow aging to his children. Peter's parents have estimated and believe he'll officially become a toddler at age ten, although he may age like a regular human until he hits puberty, and then that's when he'll age slower.