Type Super-Earth
Parent Unknown
Moons Unknown
Atmosphere 71% nitrogen, 28% oxygen, 1% argon
Gravity 3.2 G
Temperature 70° F
Factions Unknown
Population Unknown

Occhide is a Super-Earth planet home to a tribal race of protoplasm beings capable of shapeshifting called Uhilians.

Physical characteristicsEdit

Occhide is more than three times as dense than Earth, and thus has much higher gravity, and as a result, there are no mountains. The equatorial region mostly consists of flat, marshy wetlands with shallow oceans while the northern and southern latitudes are drier eventually transitioning into ice caps.

Occhide also rotates much slower than Earth having a day/night cycle of over 100 hours. As the sun sets, the clashing convection currents create intense lightning storms. The high oxygen levels make these areas very violent and prone to firestorms.


The ecosystem took a different path from that of Earth as many life forms had to evolve to the constantly changing environment. Thus, shapeshifting became a favorable trait to survive on the planet.


There are three major tribes on Occhide spread across the planet.

  • Vendiak Tribe - The highest and smartest ranking tribe, the other tribe's look up to them. They reside in the south of Occhide
  • Nihian Tribe - A warbound tribe who's members constantly love to battle. They reside in the north of Occhide
  • Dajalange Tribe - A tribe of pacifists who each year migrate to a different side of the planet for exploration purposes.