Morality is the ethical alignment of a character. It exists on a four-axis scale of good vs. evil and order vs. chaos.

History of morality in Beyond the UniverseEdit

After the Battle of Earth, many became tired of moral ambiguity and longed for more simplistic views of the world. As a result, a new worldview swept hold of the population known as the Black and White Movement. Simply put, it was the idea that people could be more easily classed as good and evil.

Some philosophers argued that the new Black and White Movement was a step back for humanity, but despite this, it quickly grew to popularity. Factions such as the Global Federation of Research and Defense and even the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom promoted the idea, affiliating themselves as the "good guys" while referring to their enemies as "bad guys".

List of alignmentsEdit

Note that the following alignments are simply labels given by Beyond the Universe's higher governments. They may or may not reflect a character's true personality.


Lawful GoodEdit

A Lawful Good character upholds values such as honor and justice.

Neutral GoodEdit

A Neutral Good character is more devoted to just helping others and doing whatever they feel is right.

Chaotic GoodEdit

A Chaotic Good character is free spirited, often described as a rebel willing to disregard the law in favor of morals.


Lawful NeutralEdit

A Lawful Neutral character has their own personal code, but they often do things for their own benefit.

True NeutralEdit

A True Neutral character sees good, evil, order and chaos as all extreme ends of the spectrum. They make an effort to stay in the middle and look out for themselves.

Chaotic NeutralEdit

A Chaotic Neutral character is the least predictable out of all the moral alignments.


Lawful EvilEdit

A Lawful Evil character is willing to go to extreme measures to uphold the law regardless of ethics.

Neutral EvilEdit

A Neutral Evil character seeks only to benefit him or herself through whatever means necessary.

Chaotic EvilEdit

A Chaotic Evil character has virtually no respect for the law and is commonly associated with total anarchy.