"The IAF likes to brand us the villains, but things are never that simple."
―Sebastian Braker
Type Totalitarian regime
Size Unknown
Kardashev Class 2
Status Active
Species Human
Capital Unknown
Languages Every Language on Earth.

The Militia is an absolutist dominion which formed in opposition to the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom. According to the IAF, the Militia was started by Sebastian Braker a ex-member of the I.A.F, he couldn't cope with the fact that they were trying to make Earth equal with alien planets and that all aliens were “disgusting” and “Vile” creatures.


The Militia are against the idea of a large unified body that governs all individuals human and alien. Believing that such a concept would subvert long standing traditions and defile native cultures, the Militia are advocates of coexistence through isolation.

Based on Braker's remarks about aliens, the IAF actively accuses the Militia of racism although Braker himself denies it. However, the Militia particularly appeals to xenophobes who fear an alien takeover of humanity.


Sebastian Braker was a former member of the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom. At some point, he was tasked with escorting an alien ambassador to the Citadel, but the two got into an extremely heated argument over politics. After being personally insulted, Braker shot and nearly killed the ambassador, then reportedly called him "a disgusting, vile creature that has no place among humanity". He was discharged from the IAF after this incident.

Braker then proceeded to search for others who shared his political views. He advocated the preservation of traditions and the separation of humans from other aliens. Through his charisma, he would eventually manage to build an army that rivaled the IAF.


  • Sebastian Braker: The founder of the Militia known for firing upon an alien ambassador.
  • Cayden Sniders: The second in command of the Militia, Cayden was a Ex-Policemen who had to leave because more Aliens were popping up and taking jobs from humans so he joined the Militia and worked his way up to Second in Command.