[[MR-23 (Handle Grip)
  • MR-23 (With Handle Grip)
  • MR-23 (With Multi-Purpose Scope)
  • Origins
    Manufacturer Warwick Industries
    Technical Readout
    Type Weapon Energy Assault Rifle
    Ammunition Type Plasma Bolts
    Magazine Capacity 30 Round Power Cell Magazine
    Alternate Fire Modes
  • Semi-Automatic
  • 5 Round Burst
  • Full Automatic
  • Service Record
    Introduction Date 2323
    Service Length 2323-Present
    Faction Utilization
    Factions Utilized Militia
    The MR-23 (Militia Rifle 2323) is the standard issued infantry rifle of the faction known as the Militia. The weapon was designed and developed by Warwick Industries.


    When the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom was issued the PA-38 rifle; the Militia took a beating and lost a significant amount of troops. Without hesitation; the faction seeked multiple different industries that could assist them in their predicament. They were then approached by Warwick Industries who offered them a new rifle that could level the playing field.

    Miles Warwick; son of CEO John Warwick was the one who designed the weapon and later a prototype was constructed, as well as tested. The weapon was tested by members of the Militia and they loved it so much; by popular demand, they mass produced the weapon.


    The MR-23 is a bullpup energy assault rifle designed with a select fire system. The weapon has a 20-30 round plasma powercell magazine that ejects automatically when the magazine is empty. It's select fire consists of a semi-automatic, 5 round burst and full automatic fire. The plasma bolt that emits from the barrel is known to be a shade of energy green. They also have a multi-visioned nightscope; allowing the weapon's user to pick out targets in darkness or through solid walls. There is also a handgrip that can be placed where the scope is located; allowing for the weapon to be carried like an M-16 rifle.

    The weapon also has a suppressor that can diminish the brightness of the energy bolt being emitted from the chamber. A plasma flamethrower and grenade launcher is also attachabable; even some foregrips are additional. The weapon also has very little to absolutely no recoil when it fires and can be duel wielded.