Type Earth Analog
Parent Chartoff
Moons Semedik and Yellin
Atmosphere 76% nitrogen, 23% oxygen, 1% argon
Gravity 1.1 G
Temperature 74° F
Population 680 Million

Ithion is a planet located in the Chartoff system, it is inhabited by many different species all native and it hosts a fair amount of Humans when added up their are 620 million Humans on the planet meaning sixty million life forms are another species that inhabit the planet.

Physical characteristicsEdit

Ithion and its neighbouring planets are all locked next to each other that form a ring around Chartoff or their mother. Ithion like Earth has a degree of water and plant life bit unlike Earth, the plant life was kept in contact as the Human Colonies look after them which meant making cities without damaging a variety of plant life.

Ithion does have natural disasters such as Exton which happens when the core of the planet lets of an electrical surge shutting down everything powered by electric for a few weeks.


When Humans began colonising the planet they found a variety of different animals and plants and made sure that them and their defendants would keep them all intact making sure they never fell extinct.


  • Jasmine Water Lilly - A flower pad that is mostly found in the swamplands of Ithion, the flower can be used to cool down a high fever caused by the rare Ocunarn disease and to heal open wounds.


  • Firecracker Dragonfly - A hybrid of a Dragonfly and a Firefly, the Firecracker Dragonfly has the ability to shoot a electric pulse out of it's abdomen that looks like a Firecracker when being shot hence the name Firecracker. The pulse is known to cause hallucinations and on some rare times death.


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  • Ithios - The capital of Ithion and the most populated city, Ithios also serves as a Headquaters for places like the Ithion embassies and the Ithion Space Program.


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