Irigor von Larané
Full Name Irigor von Larané
Status alive
Species Human
Gender male
Age 37
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eye Color red
Hair Color none
Alignment Unknown
Societal standing
Citizenship outcast
Affiliation Hundred Moon Clan
Occupation Member of a criminal organization
Marital Status Unmarried
Relatives Leonard von Larané (father), Magnolia von Larané (mother)

Irigor von Larané is a member of the Hundred Moon Clan.


Irigor's parents Leanoard and Magnolia von Larané were considered highly attractive as they had genetically enhanced themselves to improve their appearance for the movie industry. However, when Irigor was born, he was initially genetically modified as a means of attempting to fix the deformities he was born with, but the procedure failed, nearly killing him. Because of this, Irigor was put up for adoption.

Later, after being mistreated by his peers, he would run away and encounter Bisera Kuasa who promised him to make him more powerful. Though Bisera could not fix his appearance without killing him, it was upon joining the Hundred Moon Clan when Irigor was given the ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields.


Irigor was born with a hunchback and a disfigured face. To hide his own appearance, he chooses to wear black robes, a white mask with a slight smile on it and a bowler hat.


Although many would consider him a brute, Irigor is actually highly intelligent, able to learn new information at a remarkable rate. However, he suffers a massive inferiority complex. He is easily irritated, and can get highly aggressive around anyone who makes a comment about his appearance. Irigor is not afraid to insult anyone, even his superiors.

Equipment and abilitiesEdit


Irigor has the ability to control electromagnetic fields with both his mind and his arms. He uses this ability for a variety of purposes from causing debris to fall down to stealing weapons right out of someone's hands.