Place of Origin Earth
Type Species Mammal
Powers & Abilities Peek Human Abilties
Weaknesses Mortality
Reproduction Type(s) Sexual
Height 5-7ft
Eye Color Various
Hair Color Various
Societal Standing
Technological Standpoint Advanced
Humans are a sapient species and the only intelligent life with a society; native to the planet Earth.


Human evolution stretch back millions of years; originating from prehistoric primates. After several million years; humans became one of the most complex and intelligent species known to inhabit the planet. Throughout their eras; Humans were said to have been helped by beings from another world; namely the Greys, who assisted them in technology and improving their way of life; in hopes that they would learn more for themselves.

Humans also worshipped these beings as gods; because of their abilties over them. Eventually though; Greys left the planet in hopes to return one day to a progressing people and to be the first to welcome them into the expanding universe of other races and civilizations.

Centuries LaterEdit

Throughout the struggles of the people and the wars waged on others for dominance over the planet; Humans have became a peaceful society; although waging conflicts along the way. At the end of the 21st century; the Greys returned and as a result, were mildly impressed with their advancments in the Human culture and technology. Humans also were the subject of many abductions from the days of Egypt to the 20th and 21st century and this led to many different investigations by various UFO groups such as the UFO Hunters and other scientists. Shows such as Unsealed: Alien Files and even Ancient Aliens were said to have explained events that have occured, are going to occur and even if these beings are the ones they worshipped at one point or another.

This led to the Humans working with the Greys in order to better their race as well as them bettering the Greys; mostly with the uses of food and water supplies. With the help of the Greys; Humans also rid themselves of all incurable diseases from their culture and bettered their other technologies as well.


Humans, although physically weaker than even other animals on Earth, are known for being highly adaptable. As superhuman strength cannot be activated voluntarily, most humans simply rely on their wit to survive in their environment. Rather than relying on natural abilities, humanity needed to create their own tools. As a result, humans can survive in virtually any environment. Early humans were more susceptible for diseases, though advances in medical technology have largely eliminated much of the risk.

Humans are also biped which means that they use up less energy than quadrupeds when walking. Humans make up for their lack of speed with their endurance. They possess remarkable stamina which they use to their advantage when hunting or capturing animals.

In extreme circumstances when a human is in a dire, fight or flight situation, their adrenaline levels go off the charts allowing them to see objects in slow motion and even lift automobiles off the ground. However, a human cannot voluntarily go into this mode as a safeguard against permanent muscle damage.