Harker Industries
Status Active
Species Human
Capital Canada and French
Languages English, French and Dutch
"Doing the future, today"
―Harker Industries motto

Harker Industries is a company founded by the now deceased Howard Harker, it is now run by his three sons Nathan, Christopher and Miles. Harker Industries are known for making Military Equipment and producing things like Nanotechnology, Cloning and Superhumans, they are also know for creating the superhuman species known as the Atlanteans.


In 2274, A 24 year old Howard Harker took a loan from the bank to start Harker Industries their current headquarters was the basement of young Howard's parents house. Howard then finally made enough money to upgrade his company and pay back the bank when he started his real goal, producing Military Equipment and making Superhumans which made them become rivals of Eagle Industries. To boost their quality of work Howard hired Donna and Timothy Rhode who would later become the parents of Burt J. Rhode but really Howard wanted the DNA of Donna as her ancestor was Adam Stetson.