Other Names
  • Aliens
  • Grey Aliens
  • Zeta Reticulans
  • Appearance
    Height 5-7ft Tall
    Eye Color Black
    Hair Color None
    Societal Standing

    Greys are a form of humans from the Omega universe from the year 12000 AD.


    After Earth suffered a nuclear winter in the Omega universe, humanity had made their homes in the Zeta Reticula system to start a new life. They had eventually spread across the entire galaxy, gradually evolving over time to adapt to their new spacefaring environment.

    Ten thousand years after the destruction of Earth, the Greys wished to travel back in time to study their past selves. Thus, they crafted a wormhole that allowed them to travel to the early 20th century in the Alpha universe. However, during travel, there was a bug in the navigation systems that caused the travelling ship to crash in Roswell.

    After arrival, they engaged in secretive abductions until they made themselves known during the Second Cold War.


    Greys are about five to seven feet tall, having pale, dull skin and large craniums with no hair. Their eyes are large black, a result of evolving to fit into prolonged periods of time in deep space.

    All Greys are sterile, a result of an ancient means of population control. Their only means of reproduction is through cloning. Their DNA is compatible with humans, thus resulting in the Hybrid species.

    Powers & AbilitiesEdit

    • Telepathy: With a naturally large cranium and high intellect, Greys possess telepathic capabilities. This natural telepathy has allowed Greys to replace traditional radio communication when talking amongst themselves.


    • Conventional/Unconventional Weapons: Greys are frail with weak bones as a result of bone mass loss and over reliance on technology in everyday tasks.