Graduation! Arc
Graduation! text
Author(s) Awesomekid120
Timeline date 2326

The Graduation! Arc is a story that takes place alongside the events of the Return of Katar Zez Arc.


Legacy have learned that the Sarquil general Katar Zez has escaped the portal the team knocked him in some months ago. The adult members of Legacy arrange to go into space to find Katar Zez, they tell Arachnid-Man and Omega-Man they need to stay on Earth for their graduation. The two argued but after, Alice tells them it's a direct order.

The next day is graduation day, and both Andrew and Tom wake up late due to their late night patrolling. They head to their graduation ceremony but both heroes hear an explosion go off. The two heroes arrive at the same time and see a Sarquil emerging from the ruins of Harker Industries. Omega-Man goes in for a punch but is knocked back flying, the Sarquil seemed to have gained extra abilities after going inside Harker Industries. Arachnid-Man goes to help employees inside the burning building, while in there, Arachnid-Man gets a phone call from his girlfriend Luna, she asks where he is telling him, he is nearly about to be called up. Arachnid-Man states he's on his way, Luna hears screaming in the background and says "Your doing 'business' aren't you?", Arachnid-Man gives in and confirms this, he comforts her telling her he'll be done soon.

Meanwhile, Omega-Man is brawling with the Sarquil causing a lot of collateral damage, the two are flying around the city punching each other through buildings and smashing each other into the ground. Eventually Omega-Man uses his brains instead of brawn, tackles the Sarquil and flies him up into space, eventually throwing him into the sun.

Omega-Man comes back to Earth and sees that Arachnid-Man has rescued all the endangered citizens and employees alike. Arachnid-Man claims he won't make it in time for the graduation and asks for a lift, Omega-Man laughs and they both go to Noah Salsworth High School to attend their graduation.

Omega-Man and Arachnid-Man change into their graduation robes and find their seats. Eventually Andrew is called up, leading to Tom also being called up as they are the final two students before the ceremony is over. Andrew and Tom smile at each other, finally happy they passed High School and are ready for their new challenge: College.


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