Global Federation of Research and Defense
Type Democracy
Size Unknown
Kardashev Class 1
Status Active
Species Human
Capital Unknown
Languages Unknown

The Global Federation of Research and Defense is a faction that originated on Earth.


The GFRD was founded several years after the first ZEUS attack on Earth and during the Second Cold War. Political boundaries were shattered and many countries had begun to annex into one another. The United States of America went bankrupt due to the heavy losses and massive debt and merged with Canada while Mexico did much the same. Russia grabbed as much territory from eastern Europe as it could while China took over much of south Asia.

The predecessor to the GFRD had been in contact with the Greys for quite some time. In order to prevent humanity from destroying themselves, they needed to band together. Thus, the GFRD and Greys agreed to a very unusual prospect: a fake alien invasion. During this time, the Greys did not kill any civilians simply destroying property. Many cities were leveled. With all nations on Earth being attacked, humanity was forced to unite to defeat the Greys in the mock invasion. At this point, the GFRD made all the necessary arrangements, and through a series of treaties and pacts, the entirety of Earth was united under one dominion. Shortly after, the Greys provided the technology humanity needed to travel the stars, advancing them ahead hundreds of years.

The GFRD would eventually be reformed as the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom as they expanded beyond the local star cluster.