Type Earth-like
Parent Unknown
Moons Unknown
Atmosphere 71% nitrogen, 30% oxygen, 1% argon
Gravity 2.1 G
Temperature 58° F
Factions Unknown
Population 9.8 Billion

Erilia is an Earth-Like planet home to a peaceful race of intelligent humanoids called Portaxian. The planets famous capital is Latar City.


Early YearsEdit

Along with Earth, Efrilia was formed around the same time. The Architect created the species inhabiting it. They evolved more diffeent than humans although built their cultures faster, during the Earth Stone Age, Efrilia had already entered their version of the Middle Ages. By modern times they had already advanced greatly, officially being called a Technocracy.

Portaxian-Sarquil WarEdit

In 2346, a squadron of Sarquil have come to the planet demanding obedience, but the Council refused this and broke the planets oath declaring war on the Sarquil. Not knowing how to fight, the first army failed immediately.

The Council then assigned a project called Project Ultimate, where they would genetically engineer babies to create perfect soldiers, male and female citizens would donate DNA for the template of the baby, the baby would eventually take nine months to grow similar to a regular baby accept the tank would serve as a fetus.

Eventually after these babies were born they would train and be educated for eighteen years of their life and eventually go to war with the Sarquil. The war has been going on ever since.