Eagle Industries
Eagle Industries
Status Active
Species Human
Capital Canada
Languages English
"We are the future."
―Eagle Industries motto

Eagle Industries is a company founded by Adison Eagle, later on the rights to be illegally claimed by Harold North AKA the supervillain Master Rush claiming to be the great-grandson of Adison Eagle, its secret objective is to research and conduct illegal genetic experiments.


In 2020, Adison Eagle founded Eagle Industries to research into tapping into the human genes and creating super soldiers. Although they weren't successful until the 2060s. When Harold North took over the company.

Sometime in 2053, they had discovered the ancient Native American prophecy of the Taxon God granting a Native American abilities, they hired as many Native Americans as possible eventually leading them to hire Darnell Jackson, a man who contained the appropriate DNA to contain the abilities of a Taxon. After they had demanded they take his blood for an "experiment", Darnell refused telling them he had discovered of their illegal genetic experiments and admitted he was going to go to the I.A.F to inform them of this. They then hired a hitman to kill him which he succeeded and as a reward they granted him pyrokinesis.

After Harold North had escaped imprisonment at the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom, he went on a bank robbing spree, he used the money to change his name to Jonathan Eagle and he then used the rest of his money to claim he was the legal great-grandchild.

North's first experiment was to create a clone of himself and the deceased superhero Acelarar, the experiment was a success and after the second Acelarar and the clone defeated North. The company obtained a new CEO who continued the genetic experiments of Harold North and created many superhumans. Some of them being our own famous heroes.

Later on after the new CEO had been running Eagle Industries for a year, he decided to spread the company to different countries including America where one day the superhero Arachnid-Man would obtain his powers.

In 2066, Darnell's son Andy had came with his class to attend a trip. A man working for Eagle Industries told Andy to go with him, it was a setup they knew Andy shared the same blood as Darnell and they wanted to test it and see if the prophecy was true, they released the Taxon where it stung him in the leg. Andy was then sent to hospital and before anyone arrived they got a mole at the hospital to steal a blood sample and create more superpowered beings.