Full Name Demiurge
Status alive
Species Omnipotent being
Age Unknown
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color N/A
Alignment Unknown
Societal standing
Citizenship Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Creator of the universe
Marital Status Unknown
"Worlds do not get created from nothing. Something is always destroyed in the process."
―The Demiurge

The Demiurge is the supreme deity of the Omega universe. He is the counterpart to the Architect rivaling his power. The Demiurge claims to have created the inorganic forces of the universe such as planets, stars and galaxies. He is also a being of destruction and chaos, serving as the Architect's polar opposite to ensure that the universe is diverse and not stagnant.

When the Omega universe experienced a dark age of stagnancy and technological regression, an entity known as the Brightness attacked by destroying all who had even the slightest trace of evil within them. The Demiurge realized that the balance of good and evil needed to be maintained, and thus, he fought and defeated the Brightness. Thus, he made a pact with the Architect that ensured that the two forces were in constant conflict with no clear victor.

Like the Architect, the Demiurge also had children, but these Demiurge children have dark powers, choosing to affiliate with evil out of necessity.