Dale Wilson
Full Name Dale Alan “Twitcher” Wilson
Status Alive
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 24
Height 6'2
Weight 116lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Alignment True Neutral
Societal standing
Citizenship French-Canadian
Affiliation Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
Occupation I.A.F Engineer
Marital Status Single
  • Mary Wilson (Sister)
  • Barry Wilson (Uncle)
  • Robert Wilson (Father)
  • Amy Wilson (Mother)
  • Dale Wilson is a Engineer for the I.A.F, Dale has helped program such things as the M3-L4 or I.A.F Trooper. He is good friends with every member on the Alpha Legion, and has supplied Nolan James with most of his gadgets.


    Early LifeEdit

    Born in Quebec, Dale was the son of two famous Engineers Robert and Amy Wilson. When Dale was 6 his mother gave birth to Mary, Dale at first didn't like his sister but grew to love her. At the age 12 Dale's Parents died when a core malfunction destroyed their lab, Dale and his sister were moved to Manhattan where they began living with their Uncle Barry who was just a simple mailman. Dale was bullied at school because he liked science and was considered geeky aslo because he twitched a lot he was given the name twitcher.