Comet Corps
James Houston a notable member
Type Democracy
Size Unknown
Status Active
Species Various
Capital Primus
Languages Various

The Comet Corps is a universal faction. The corps was created by the Architect after defeating the Darkness and realizing the universe is not a safe place, it is located on the planet Primus. Their main aim is to protect the universe from threats, members are chosen by a high-tech chip that can shrink and grow and takes a spider-like form where it shrinks and latches into the higher section of the host's spinal cord, only individuals with a pure heart may join the corps.


The corps was formed 3000 years ago, after the Architect had defeated a similar entity known as the Darkness, the Architect realized if he wanted to keep his creations safe, he will have to create a powerful force capable of battling evil, he then formed the Comet Corps. Knowing that some of his creations don't have super abilities, he made a chip that bonds to it's host and grants them extraordinary abilities. He then spread these chips across the universe to choose one member of a species who is full of purity. The chip then took it's host to the planet Primus where they were greeted by the Architect and were told of their purpose, that day the Comet Corps was formed.

Notable RacesEdit


Comet Chip - It is a spider-like chip that can shrink and grow, it chooses members by looking deep into their souls and finding purity. It then shrinks and latches on to the higher part of the spinal cord (neck) and shares all knowledge of the universe with it's host, granting the host extraordinary abilities, to access these abilities, the chip activates and it forms a symbiotic armor taking over the hosts bodies giving them super strength, flight etc, it is also alive and it speaks to it's host, usually giving them advice during dire situations.