Carter Family
The Carter Family Coat of Arms
Status Thriving
  • Terranovian
  • Architect
  • Human
  • Languages
  • English
  • Terranovian
  • The Carter Family is a very large family that originated on the planet of Terranovia.


    The Carter Family originally began thanks to members of the Terranovian Empire. The first Carters were the parents of Aaron Carter; who saw the start of their great empire. They have also continued throughout the eras of the Terranovian eras; in fact, the Carter Family left before the start of the totalitarian reign of the empire.

    It wasn't until later on though that the Carter Family became the royal family of the empire after Archer C. Carter and the Terranovian Resistance overthrew Chandra Kuasa in the Terranovian Civil War.


    The Carter Family has had a series of generations that keep growing with every growing member of the family.

    First GenerationEdit

    • Collin Carter - Melissa Corbin

    Second GenerationEdit

    Third GenerationEdit

    Fourth GenerationEdit

    Fifth GenerationEdit

    Sixth GenerationEdit