Status Thriving
Type Cyber life form
Homeworld Wisma
Powers/Abilities High intelligence, teleportation, energy conservation
Weaknesses Electromagnetism

Avatars are a sapient computerized life forms originally native to the planet Wisma. They have since made their homes in a virtual parallel universe known as Salvation.


Little is known what the Avatars originally looked like before they entered Salvation. Over ten thousand years ago, the original Avatar Theocracy made an effort to wipe all traces of their original forms from existence. Because the name of their original species was lost to history, other species begun to refer to them Avatars, because they project themselves into the physical world while their consciousness remains in Salvation.


An Avatar is composed of individual cells, particles that straddle between the physical world and Salvation while their consciousnesses remain within Salvation. Energy is channeled from Salvation to make the cells into solid objects, and the same energy also fuels an Avatar's life functions. However, when these cells are exposed to intense electromagnetism, the bonds that hold them together break apart. Thus, powerful magnets are very lethal to Avatars. Despite this, Avatars can theoretically live indefinitely so long as Salvation still exists although many Avatar philosophers consider their entire species to be living in an afterlife.

Avatar cells can be combined manually with other species such as Humans to form hybrids. These cells are capable of replacing organs, and they are even capable of merging with the original being's cells. However, there are only two known instances of Avatar-human hybrids: Savien Wesiford, who was genetically engineered from birth to have the cells of both a human and an Avatar, and Durana, an Avatar that later received human cells into his system.

In their natural state, Avatars appear as formless clouds capable of shapeshifting into other objects including other humanoids. However, neither of the two known hybrids have been able to shapeshift because of the partly organic composition both possess.


Naturally, because an Avatar does not possess the physical constraints of an organic being, Avatars are highly intelligent with computational and mathematical skills equivalent to that of a supercomputer. Because of this, speech with other species can be difficult because for a long while, colloquialism was seen as a sin. With the discovery of other organic species, the Avatar Theocracy mandated that colloquialism was something necessary for communication, and as such, Avatars must train themselves to not be offended by improper speech.

One particular disease unique to Avatars is degeneration, a common affliction especially among high-ranking academics. This happens when an Avatar deliberately pushes his/her own intelligence beyond the safe limit causing an information overload. When degeneration begins, an Avatar begins to experience hallucinations and to go insane.