"In layman's terms, this equation is the answer to life, the universe and everything else."
―Galvon Raminti

The Architect's Equation (also known as Raminti's Theory of Metaphysical Probability) is a mathematical formula created by Galvon Raminti. It is considered the most important scientific advancement in human history since the theory of relativity.


Although empirical evidence of magic was discovered as early as the 2030s, it was not until the 2070s when people begun to make sense of it. Galvon describes the equation as being "impossible for the human brain to even begin to understand". The only way anyone could actually make sense of it was through the assistance of artificial intelligence. Even though he himself did not understand his own equation, he was able to piece it together and program AI's capable of computing it.

At the time, there was no technology on Earth that actually had the necessary processing power to handle something as large as the Architect's Equation. Because of this, the computers which Galvon used to plug in the equation originated from the Greys who were further along in computing technology than humanity was at the time.


The Architect's Equation essentially explains a number of the questions that had long stumped scientists. It explains not only how the Architect was able to create life, but also why so many extraterrestrial species resemble humanoids. The theories of probability had to essentially be rewritten from scratch.

The Architect's Equation also makes sense of the force of magic explaining how exactly it works. The rare "magic gene" (also a result of an extreme biological unlikelihood) tampers with the laws of probability, sliding it along a scale. As a result, something that is infinitely improbable or extremely coincidental is able to happen. For example, it is infinitely improbable (not impossible) that matter can just appear out of thin air for no other discernible reason. The equation basically states that magic can actually make this happen.

One of the major side effects of the Architect's Equations was that the creation of wormholes became far more feasible. The technology behind the Wormhole Network made a lot more sense, and as a result, the GFRD was able to add more wormholes and speed up interstellar travel more so. In just a few short years, humanity was now capable of travelling not just across a few star systems, but now the entire universe.