Arcana City (also known as City of Wizards) is a major city-state on the gas giant moon Farandia. With a population of 60,000, it is also the largest city on the entire moon.


In order to avoid Farandia's natural predators, Arcana City was built in the mountains and cliffs above the tree canopies of the moon's jungles. The terrain is rocky, craggy and fairly dry which means that finding suitable farmland is difficult.


Much of Arcana City was built around clifftops with architecture made from the surrounding stone. A fairly crowded location with little living space, Arcana City contains communal housing establishments where all citizens share the same resources.


Arcana City is mostly communal, and all resources are shared. Every citizen has an obligation to contribute to society expecting little in return.

Rather than nuclear units, citizens live in clans also known as Houses. These clans are composed of extended families that live within the same household. Because of this, one refers to other members of their clan as either brother or sister regardless of how direct the relationship is. Clans are often so large that rarely do children ever actually meet their real parents, instead being assigned with caretakers until age 14 which is considered adulthood.

Most, if not all members of a clan share the same occupation. House of Malsworth, for example, are all crafstmen who specialize in integrating magic into art.

List of clansEdit

  • House of Malsworth - A clan of craftsmen that specialize in the fine arts such as puppetry and enchantment
  • House of Ridley - A clan of performers that specialize in many forms of magic such as illusion
  • Hundred Moon Clan - A rogue clan formed after several members of the House of Ridley were banished.

Points of interestEdit

  • Arcana School of Sorcery - A public school shaped like a large tower built at the edge of a cliff. The city's largest building, the Arcana School of Sorcery is known for reviving long lost generations of sorcery and passing them onto students.