Alpha Legion
Alpha Legion
Type Democracy
Size Unknown
Status Active
Species Superhumans
Languages English

The Alpha Legion are a unit of Superhumans operating inside the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom. The Alpha Legion are named because it consists of Superhumans who attain Alpha powers.

The team have now broken off from the I.A.F and are now an independent group. Their base resides in the building Legion Tower in the middle of the desert. The Alpha Legion fight alongside the I.A.F when a big enemy threatens the safety of the galaxy, but mainly they battle superhuman threats.


Former MembersEdit


Bases of OperationEdit

As a group that deals with evil at every turn; Alpha Legion is known to have build a variety of bases on many different planets, enabling them to work at any desired location.


The Alpha Legion's primary base is located in the middle of the Nevada Desert on Earth. It utilizes high powered Vril energy generators to power to machines; which are the most state of the art computer systems ever devised. It's protected by high powered turret defense and security systems; as well as possessing the most advanced prison cells and containment units.


On the planet Terranovia; Alpha Legion managed to set up a base in the home of Archer and Aissa at the edge of Rom'ak Falls. It's designed as a secondary base that enables them to work on Terranovia.