Acelarar Family
Acelarar logo
Type Informal Family
Size 10
Species Speeders

The Acelarar Family is an informal group involving all people who contain the Speed Molecules. The reason why, it is called the Acelarar family is because, Acelarar is an iconic name around the Earth, their isn't one person who knows the name. The "family" have worked together once when the first three Acelarar's, Teen Acelarar and Surge accidentally time travelled to the 24th Century.


In 2064 in the first Acelarar's era, a wormhole popped out of nowhere, Acelarar I went to investigate and he was then sucked into the portal. In 2066, the second Acelarar found another wormhole he also went to investigate, Acelarar II was also sucked in. In 2090, the third Acelarar, Teen Acelarar, and Surge encountered another portal, he knew what it was and attempted to run away from it although it sucked them in.

The three Acelarar's were teleported into one place, they discovered they were in the 24th Century, Acelarar I wondered why they were copying him and then then Acelarar II explained in a few months in his time, he would die, sacrificing himself to save his friends. The Acelarar's and the other Speeder's explained who they were and what year they were from, eventually Legacy and Teen Legacy arrived. They then saw who they were and immediately took them back to the Legacy's base.

Legacy scanned the five heroes and found out they were indeed who they said they were. Legacy and Teen Legacy left it to their speed members to figure out the problem. The fifth Acelarar and the second Surge explained who they were to Burt, Peter and Emily while the third Teen Acelarar explained who he was to Noah and Miles. They all embraced each other and eventually went on to find a way to return the originals back home.

Eventually after a few days, they finally discovered it was Speed Demon, creating portals with his superspeed to bring the past Acelarar's to the 24th Century where he could harvest their power and he would become a god among men with his superspeed, eventually the group took him down and the public informally called them the Acelarar Family. The Speeders of the 24th Century used their superspeed to create a portal and send them back to their own time, the Speeders of the 21st Century asked if they'll remember this and Gabriel replies "Probably not", they all smile at each other before going into the portal returning to their own time.