A Superhero Wedding Arc
A Superhero Wedding title
Author(s) Awesomekid120
Timeline date 2066

A Superhero Wedding details the wedding of Burt J. Rhode AKA Acelarar and Janice Elwold AKA The Virus. This story is a lighter take in Beyond the Universe rather than the usual dark take.


The Eve of the WeddingEdit

The time had finally come, the time of the union of Burt J. Rhode and Janice Elwold. Burt has been excited ever since he proposed, but before the wedding, Burt is a nervous wreck as he forgot to tell Janice he isn't really twenty-two. Later on that night, Janice notices that Burt didn't go to bed, she goes downstairs to see Burt just sitting there on the couch. She asks why he didn't go to bed, Burt claims he's been hiding something from her. He then tells her that, he's not really twenty-two but seventeen, Burt explains sometime last year, the GFRD discovered his Speed Molecules were unstable and that it caused him to age at a rapid rate, but then the problem was solved causing him to age slower than normal humans, he then claims that there's a possibility of him outliving her. Janice laughs it off and states age is but a number, she caresses his cheek and claims she'll always love him no matter what, the two then share a passionate kiss.

Burt and the BoysEdit

The next day, the day of the wedding. Burt and his teammates and former teammates are getting ready. The best man Adam asks what he plans to do after the wedding. Burt replies "Go home, get intimate" as a joke, Savien tells him to answer the question seriously. Burt then states that, he wants to settle down and start a family with Janice, and he can't do that if he continues as Acelarar, so he's going to retire from the superhero life, but if they should ever need him, he'll always help. Burt's friends wished him the best.

Janice and the GirlsEdit

Janice and her bridesmaids (Alice, Aissa, Riley, Brynia and more) are preparing for the wedding, Janice and her bridesmaids are discussing the future similar to Burt and his friends did. Janice wishes to start a family with Burt, the bridesmaids then begin getting excited believing it'd be adorable to see speedy babies, Janice laughed claiming it will most likely happen in a few years so they'd get their wish. Janice then starts to cry through some tears of joy and her bridesmaids comfort her.

The WeddingEdit

A few hours later, Burt and Janice finally marry, ending the arc.


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